Got Questions?

Don't hesitate to ask us at (587) 377-2104 or email us at!


Good to Know

1. Make sure instructions 'U' give us to reach your address are accurate. Please leave note about access codes, bag location, drop location, etc. while booking.

2. Make sure there is nothing sharp or toxic in the laundry bag for the safety of your garments.

3. All your account information is stored in our secure database. Security is our main priority when it comes to personal information. If 'U' are using public or unsecure computer or network, log out from your account once 'U' done with your order.

4. If 'U' reschedule or cancel drop-off, or if 'U' aren't home for delivery and did not notify us in time there will $15 additional delivery charge.

Is there a Minimum Order?

Yes to keep our prices low we do require customers to have at least 20 clothes per order. More the Merrier.

Will I get my pressed clothes Hanged or Folded?

Great Question! You will get your clothes as you like. They come HANGED by default. FOLDED service is an additional charge of $1 per cloth.

Can I get my clothes starched and pressed?

Yes we recommend starch service for those nasty, stubborn wrinkles. There is an additional charge of $1 per cloth for the starch service.

Can I use regular laundry bags for Uncle Wrinkled services?

Totally, 'U' will also get one free Uncle Wrinkled bag after first order. However we encourage customers to only use bags with the shoulder strap, we care about our drivers and want them to get your bag safely through those tough stairs.

Note that we will not pickup any bags that can't be sealed completely or broken. We care about your belongings and do not want 'U' to be missing anything due to a broken bag.

Do 'U' offer same day service?

Yes, in mosts area 'U' are eligible for the same day delivery, if order is set for pickup in the morning. There is additional surcharge of $3.00 per cloth for same day delivery.

What if I'm not able to be home during scheduled pick up and drop off windows?

'U' can leave your bag at a secured location and notify us exactly where and how to pick-up/drop-off your bag.


What are the latest and earliest 'U' can pickup/deliver?

Currently we do pickup and delivery from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm every day including weekends. We are closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

What is Uncle Wrinkled pickup/delivery area?

We operate anywhere in North East Calgary area. We will be adding other quadrants of Calgary soon.

What if i want my laundry delivered to my work or to my new address?

No problem, if 'U' moved to a different address and it is within our service area, after we pick it up from 'U' , simply call us and we will see the update in our system with the new address.

Commercial Laundry

Do 'U' do Pressing for businesses or hotels?

Absolutely, we work with many types of businesses and organizations in Calgary City. Contact us and 'U' might be eligible for additional employee discounts.


Do you accept INTERAC e-Transfer?

'U' can pay us using INTERAC e-transfer to Please make sure if you you're using interac then you pay before your delivery.

How will I have to pay?

'U' can pay to the delivery driver by using any of the payment methods such as Cash, Interac, Visa, Mastercard, or any other debit or credit cards.

What forms of payment do 'U' accept?

We accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

Unlce Wrinkled Guarantee

What is Uncle Wrinkled Guarantee?

We guarantee that we get the job done right.

If 'U' are not happy about our service, please provide us with the details, we will redo the job till it's done right.

Are there any limitations?

We can only accept request to redo the job within 12 hours of the delivery or completion of the job.